Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Guess everyone is on holidays... or ya didn't like my last post? either way... no offence ;)
{my blog... my life.... my rules} ;)

so anywho... I have a stupid headache, but it's just par for the course. I actually have nothing to say... can ya believe it? :P

I need to make sure my battery is charged up - taking the kiddo's to the beach today :)
Even tho the sun isn't really perfect for photo-shoots today, I'm just glad it's out!

I need to bust into my newest paper -Basic Grey's Oliver & Olivia!! maybe later ;)

I did finish 14 Chicken Pesto Pizza recipe cards last night :D


Laurie said...

the beach sounds so nice!

{S} said...

you need GLASSES ie: Eye strain = headache. Or you have an ear infection. LOL!!
I need a beach, now. bring it to me!

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