Monday, July 19, 2010

it was brought to my attention...

that apparently I haven't blogged in a WEEK! man, that flew by!

We had a great time in Carleton Place visiting with my aunt and uncle. Colleen took us to the downtown area, there are a few pretty old neat looking buildings - as well as a dam that I was able to get some neat pictures of. I hope to go back again with Steve next time :) I think we should get up in the insanely early morning like 4am to go next time, in hopes that the children will SLEEP! gah! Ally only fell asleep on the way home when we were exiting the 407 - that's right people I took the 407 the highway that costs $30 to travel from end to end. And I have NO regrets! You should have seen how jammed up all the other routes were - it was IN~SANE!
I only had one near incident and it was totally the retarded old chick driving in front of me. UGH! traffic was flowing about 95km/h and she decided to slam on her brakes right in front of me - uh??? HELLO???? little car... GET OUT OF MY {big truck} WAY! tart. I thought I'd be nice and not make her crap her pants ;)

by the time we were at the north? east? side of getting onto the $407$ Daws decided he was bored - maybe we'll have to look into the DSi or something... they watched movie after movie.
Drew pictures, played bingo {I even had prizes} ;) I think we were all very happy to reach home safely.

So while we were away... I have to admit I was expecting some work to be accomplished in the new kitchen - NADA! : I seriously don't even think he walked into that room at all.

I did kinda freak - not sure if it happened out loud or just in my head. But yesterday we went and bought the sink and he has some test chunks of concrete drying for our counters. I really should take pictures of all of this...

Pearl and Heidi were pretty pissed off with us for leaving them - but after 5 minutes Heidi forgave us ;) aren't dogs great? Pearl on the other hand - bit me THREE times yesterday, and it HURT! today she's being a bit more pleasant...

Guess I should figure out what's for lunch.

toodles :)

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Sassette said...

So glad that you had a good time on your holiday! Hope Pearl forgives you soon and becomes your sweet birdy again!!!

I have been really bad about updating my blog and it seems that time just isn't in the books for sitting and doing that. I will have to hope that I can update at some point this week!!!! (keeping my fingers crossed)

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