Tuesday, July 13, 2010

flew the coop!

the kiddo's and I made the trek safe {I'd never admit to being "sound"} ;)

I don't like, hate, DETEST! Toronto and avoid driving there at all costs.
I am a pretty good navigator, from the passenger seat ;) {I really am!} ~no joke.
However, put me in the driver seat and send me to Toronto and I'm gonna MESS YOU UP!

I swear, the directions said NOTHING about taking 403 to the 427 to the 409 to reach the 401. I started out all good and stuff - then the signs started saying "427 ENDS" :O WHAT?? ends? but, but, but... where's the 401??? ugh! I reached up and pressed the button to reach my little friend, "hello this is ONSTAR how can I help you today Mr. Hoover" ...me: "um, well it's Mrs. Hoover, and I'm apparently lost somewhere in Toronto, can you help me?" {blush}

Anyway we got out of that mess. And continued on our way reaching the "Big Apple" in Colbourne for a tailgate lunch picnic. We took longer than planned probably an hour. Then went on again along our merry way. We arrived here about 6pm - Only got trapped up in 2 convoys not too bad. The big bad clouds held out so we didn't have to drive in the rain at all :)

I probably forgot to mention -- this trip took us 6 hours {including our 1 hour lunch break and 10 min. pee break} And my kid's have never been in the truck/car for more than an hour at a time. Ally asked about 15 minutes down the road if we were there yet. ;)

All in all they were troupers. However, I think it would be better if I had a relief driver with me. My eyes got pretty tired, and as much as I tried Dawson would NOT take over for me while I had a nap ;)

homemade pizza is ready! :)


Sassette said...

Well now that you are there, where exactly is that? LOL Hope you have a great time and can't wait to hear all about it when you get home!

Laurie (Wally) said...

Have a great time... enjoy your vacation!!!

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