Monday, November 1, 2010

happy November

November is a fun month at our house. Dh and I celebrate our anniversary this month... and this year, we have been together for 1/2 of my life!!! 17 years!! seems surreal. We got engaged after dating for 5 years and got hitched almost a year later. If ya do the math, we're celebrating 11 years of the ball and chain ;) November 6th. This year we're celebrating in style - We're spending the afternoon with our son and his cub pack at the Tiger-Cats game. Nothing spells loving like watching a bunch of men in tight pants smash into one another {eye roll} i. can't. wait.

Another celebration this month is Steve's birthday :) I am hoping to do something fun for him this year.... just not sure what yet.

I need to get groceries today and muddle through all this darn laundry {sigh}

I can't WAIT for FRiDaY!!! {hello holidays} Steve's off next week and now that the floor is sanded and stained and has the first coat of sealer on it, HOPEFULLY next week he can "bang" out the kitchen.... the floor looks AWESOME!

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