Sunday, November 7, 2010

time for an UPdate

I fell behind uploading my picture card -
here's the kiddo's on Halloween.
Dawson was a mummy: however didn't end up going trick'er treating...
And Ally was Daisy Duck.
They helped grandma build 'George' -he's the annual Halloween pumpkin head man.

Yesterday was the most unusual Anniversary we have ever had - and there have been a few!
We went to our first ever CFL game - it was SO MUCH FUN! I want to go again!!! :D
here are a couple pics - notice there isn't one of us {sigh}

The Ti-Cats played the B.C Lions, and it was a GREAT game - we kept the lead then tied, then lead, then tied, then lead, then they crept up and beat us :( 23-21
We were there with Dawson's cub pack - Peter Dyakowski (offensive lineman) invited the Scouts to come and watch the game. We had awesome seats, the weather {altho' chilly} was PERFECT for a football game!
looking forward to this week - Steve's on holidays! :D


tina werner said...

great costumes :)
happy anniversary!!!

so, you want to smell the scentsy eh? haha, i'm still laughing about that! too funny!

Sassette said...

Oh the kids look great!!! Love that Daisy costume!
Glad you had a fun time at the game!

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