Sunday, December 19, 2010

quick check in...

I don't have a lot of time, sure have a lot to say tho' {what else is new?}

If I learned only one thing while on this vacation it is that Disney World should not be called the happiest place on earth. It's a lie. Each day we got up 'early' argued about what to wear, what to eat and what to do first... we argued throughout each day about what to see, what rides to go on and what to eat. {sound like fun so far?} Then by the end of the day we weren't talking to each other, and the kids were beyond tired and totally whiney.
After Sunday to Thursday of that madness, we said forget this! we packed up and hit the beach. As much fun as it was to see the kids amazement of meeting the characters, that was the highlight of this trip, we learned that we could have stayed in a condo near or on the beach and they would have been THRILLED! live and learn - that has been my motto for this trip.
We should have stopped a LOT earlier than we did last night, we weren't even planning to leave yesterday. We had planned to take one more night at another hotel to spend yesterday at the beach. Unfortunately we woke up to POURING rain :( so we packed up {even asked to have a bellhop help us} b/c Pop Century - ohhh, don't even get me STARTED!!! >.< grrr.... we carried every flippin' piece of our stuff to our truck in the rain, b/c dude didn't even show up with his cart to help us. {jackhole!} DEEP BREATH! we checked out at 11:30 and decided that if the weather cleared up a bit up the road we'd find a new hotel and hit the beach .... 8 hours later, we are in Florence South Carolina. I am DYIN' to go shopping. At least the hubby and I are talking again {grin} we were contemplating leaving the kids behind a few times, but figured the grandparents would miss them ;)
All in all the driving has really not been NEAR what I had imagined it would be, until last night, when hubby wanted to keep going even after I warned him they were at their max and wouldn't take much more. I've offered to drive, but haven't had to, I think he likes control. lol
If he has it his way we'll be sleeping in our own beds tonight and to be honest that would be MARVELOUS... I don't really want to be harassed while shopping anway! ;)



Chelle said...

That is too bad about your Disney trip. I was just there in August and we had researched it enough to know what days would be best at what parks, etc. No arguing here. Our friends stayed at Pop Century and loved it.
Drive safe.

:::b r a n d i::: said...

what a trip! be safe

{S} said...

:~| well. I miss you.

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