Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jan 11

I'm near certain we won't be dodging this one!
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I am extremely proud to brag for a minute.
Last night I went out for a card making night/Stampin' Up meeting of sorts, upon coming home I was unsure how the "mood" would be. I'm proud to SCREAM he did it! I mean he didn't work on the kitchen, and he didn't clean up everything from supper, but who cares!
He made supper, he had the kids in bed, and *more importantly* he kept up the 8 days!!
yah :) I'm so happy.
I started keeping a menu board again, I find it really helps ~most days~ yesterday I failed.
I spent WAY too much time making *cake balls* {aka cake pops}
GAH! what a HUGE time consumption.
~they were o.k~
Today the girl has requested another menu board deviation -
she wants fish and chips for supper, since that was already on the menu for
tomorrow - I'm just going to swap ;)
I have to get out today to get a package in the mail :)
til later... toodles

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