Monday, January 3, 2011

still January 3rd...hours later

never did catch any shut eye.
coffee has aided me to keep awake today.

I told him how I feel about the drinking.
he agreed.
he says he's going to quit.

we'll see.

I feel loved - thank you friends ~including those who have NO real idea what I've been through lately and also those who don't read my blog {hug} you mean more to me than I can EVER put into words. :)


Sassette said...

Jen.....hang in there girl! I love your idea of using the word POWER for your word of the year! YOU have the POWER to make a difference, to make things different and to make your own happiness! You are on the right track and communicating with hubby about how you feel is a great way to be in POWER!!!! Keep it up girl and you know where you can find me whenever you need!!!

Ann Marie said...


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