Wednesday, February 16, 2011

as if...

ok, so it's not a BIG one - not one that ends with a *ZERO* but in 24 days I'm turning 35!
THIRTY FIVE!!! I remember when I was little my nana use to tell me she was 35 {she would have really been like closer to 70} but I had NO idea when I was only like 5!
I had to have a physical this week {BLEH!} why doesn't somebody invent an exteme contraption for men to need a similar procedure? huh? :P {snicker} along with such an event, I knew I needed an eye exam - it's been WELL over 5 years and whaddya know... i need glasses. I can't really say that I'm surprised. I'm squinting as I type :P LoL
I have SO much to do I really shouldn't be sitting here...

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