Thursday, February 17, 2011

shopping for glasses

who knew there were SO MANY OPTIONS!?! and genius me, to think bringing a 5 year was a good idea?!?! ~she actually was really good! :) I even let her try a pair on she wants momma to have purple or bright pink ones... good think she's not picking for me!
I'm thinking of checking out the mall... so far the place that I had the eye exam wants around $200-$250 for 1 pair, Haakim wants $300 for 2 pair {but one pair cannot be sunglasses} that would be an additional $75... and Sears wants $409.99 for 2 pair 1 of which can be sunglasses.
my head is spinning! our insurance only offers $200 maximum every 2 years, and the exam is not covered at all it put me back $85. Eyes are expensive! 8)
the man is working late again - another 'after hours' meeting... {gah!} I HATE it when he works late....bonus tho' he is off tomorrow :) yay!!
now... dare I attempt to shop with BOTH kids this evening? at the MALL?
I think I'm getting hives just thinking about it!

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