Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb 22

Don't ya just LOVE your kids? {provided of course you have them} Mine are great!
they are kind, considerate of others, have manners and are quite courteous...
of course, this is what people tell me. I have yet to witness such lies...
I had picked up my son a couple of books that I thought would peek interest in a nearly 9 year old boy... titles which include: Slime Time, the day EVERYTHING tasted like broccoli, and George's Marvelous Medicine. Do you know what my "kind, considerate and courteous" son said to me?
{with a MEGA DISAPPROVAL look on his face}
"mom, I don't like reading novel books! I thought you knew that!"
I think once I dug myself up from the 4 feet of dirt he kicked on me, I couldn't believe how rude this punk is! {gah!} I wanted to cram those books down his rotten neck!
aren't kids great? {eye roll}


stampinlynn said...

LOL and yet we Love em to death just the same...think about this I saw on TV...it was Christmas and the parents bought both girls a new bike the youngest one screwed up her face and stamped her feet and says "but I dont want no bike... I wanted LIPSTICK for Christmas" hows that for appreciation...

VexedAngel said...

:-/ That stinks. I don't know about this firsthand (yet!), but I have heard how ungrateful children can be. Sorry.

Although it kind of cracks me up that he knows what novels are and that he doesn't like them already! I don't think I was really aware there was a name for that genre until high school! :-)

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