Friday, February 25, 2011

happy Friday!

like my new spectacles? :D
i don't have them yet, but hopefully soon. {march 1st}
{I'm tired of squinting!} >.<
So there was some major hype about the potential of a snow day today for the kids...
It makes me laugh, mostly b/c the teachers are going to be dealing with some *VERY* unhappy students today! They should know better by now not to say anything too soon!
It seems to happen all too often.
It seems that the news is ALWAYS on our tv, and it's not even like we're watching it. Something that REALLY irritates me, is that there are so many things that could make the news, but it seems there are too many people that only want bad news. What about the positive stuff that happens, no, not that some Beaver-dude met Gretzky, but what about things that go on in the community?
just a thought... how about finding out about the clubs that go on? what about LOCAL sporting events? Too many people jump to the negative too quickly, WAY too often.
oh, and another thing that drives me CRAZY, is that they are always saying:
"[insert name] is IN HOSPITAL" aren't they, in THE? hospital?
~just sayin'~ :P
I went on a field trip with my son's class last week, took a few pics...
here are my top favorites :)

~*~*~HappY fRiDaY!~*~*~*

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stampinlynn said...

Looks like it was a great place for the class...tfs and photos rawk

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