Monday, March 28, 2011

it's a monday...

it's monday. normally for me that would be fine and dandy, but today the girl is home {save me!} she does have a birthday party to attend this evening and 2 days in a row back in school tho' so I'll survive ;)
backing up for a minute to Saturday.
we spent the day celebrating D-man's 9th birthday!! :D Started out going for breakfast, getting a new furnace, bowling with friends, and watching movies with our friends. I didn't get very good pictures...
i'm feeling trapped lately. my mind wants to do so many wonderful things, including exercise, meditate, and please people. however, it seems like there are mixed wires, b/c i just can't seem to function - there is too much funk blocking my path.
the renovations are so out of control right now - i want to get a wrecking ball and go nuts! my husband, doesn't seem to mind living in COMPLETE AND UTTER CHAOS! which I really don't understand. It makes me want to sleep, hide, run away, anything but be here. I feel like there isn't a lot I can do to help, so for the most part I've been trying to stay out of the way. Even when there is something I can do, he b!tches at me for not doing it right - rather than taking the second to explain his madness.
seriously? yep.


Lynn's Place said...

Save some sighs for me hehe!!! our big and little men in ours live do that o your page here ...tfs

Liz said...

I agree with you - chaos makes me crazy as well. Hang in there...

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