Sunday, March 20, 2011

it's one of THOSE days

you know the ones.
~you sleep like crap, wake up a dozen times just to look at the clock
~are awakened before you are ready
~coffee in a travel mug that doesn't taste perfect
~see a guy swerving in traffic only to pull up alongside him and see he's taking his last puff off a joint
~getting cut off in traffic by somebody who proceeds to do the same speed or less than the guy he was already behind
~coming home to the same messy house {sigh}
~wanting 1 cup of GOOD hot coffee and there's only 1/2 a cup left and it needs to be nuked.
i'm tired. and cranky.
but let's get happy!
I only have 1/4 of a headache.
the husband {growl} is making lunch
the son had fun at cub camp and stayed the entire weekend.
tomorrow is back to school {WAHOO!!}
I figured out some computer software that was making me mental yesterday!

1 comment:

Donna said...

D stayed at camp all weekend??? Awesome!!! Way to go D!!!
You can come to my house for Tassimo coffee anytime you wanna...we have Starbucks :)

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