Thursday, March 17, 2011

my children...

I've determined that it is in fact true that my kids are demons!

not kidding.
they are creatures that have been sent to earth, to me specifically, to make me think that *I* am insane - however, the truth is THEY ARE EVIL!

they laugh when I tell them they need to put THEIR toys away, scream and yell at me when I tell them it's time to make THEIR beds, get dressed, and they whine and cry at me when I ask that they help with THEIR laundry!

however, they stomp their feet, slam doors, scream, yell and cry if I don't do what THEY want when THEY want it.

when did this happen?

I am beginning to wonder if I really should believe in demon possession! or alien mind and body control abduction!

my hubby is pretty paitient, but I think he's even realizing {finally} that they are heathen!


now, where's that wooden spoon! ;)

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