Sunday, March 13, 2011


i guess with the title of the next post I should explain!
so with my kiddo's away, I didn't see them yesterday and I got home too late to talk to them...
today I spoke to my darling Allycat {she's 5} this was our conversation:
A: "i miss you mom"
J: "aww, i miss you too sweetie, did you know what yesterday was?"
A: "umm, umm... your birthday?"
J: "Yup!"
A: "mommm, I forget what you look like"
J: [wanting to bust out laughing hysterically, but refrains from doing so] "well I don't look any different from the other day!"
A: "how old are you now?"
J: [without thinking] "how old do you think I am?"
A: "ummmmm, 59? mommmmm, are you older than grandma?"
J: [doesn't hold back the laughter] "um, no!"
If I look this good at 59 I'll be RAWKin' it! ;)

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Donna said...

Hee Hee @Ally
Seriously - you don't look a day over 58...

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