Sunday, April 17, 2011

stupid weekend.

this weekend has been pretty much a whirlwind. Friday a super mega migraine woke me up. I kid you not - I thought I was dying. I had one Wednesday that I managed to fight through even tho' I wanted to vomit and sleep - I managed to hold off til the husband got home. Took a nap and felt sort of ok, but light headed and VERY tired. Went to bed and was asleep by 10. Woke up Thursday and felt fine - whew! went to DANCEiT felt a bit worse than the past 2 classes but figured whatever... showered and vegged til going to bed - that's when at about 5 am I was awakened by severe head pain. light/noise forget it! but as it goes around here there's no rest for the wicked... so I continued on with the routine. Fighting every moment... by days end the man was walking in the door and I was headed for bed! I am trying to nail down all my actions, food and drink consumption, the weather - and hopefully I'll be able to get the dr.'s to assist me in figuring something out b/c this is SO not "normal". whatever - today I woke up sorta ok - still not headache free, but I get to the point of if it's not feeling like death than it's not too bad.
Super unhappy with the husband - all I think I want is his attention {and for him to quit drinking so f'n much!} trying to think of happier times... it shouldn't be this difficult.
so after Jillian Michael's raving about K-Swiss Tubes - I HAD to check them out. they are MORE amazing than you can imagine!!! I HAD TO OWN THEM! and the price wasn't too bad. A similar brand that rhymes with BeeRok has a VERY similar shoe that was $120. I didn't even try them on due to the price... I tried on many various brands and styles and am very happy with my K-Swiss Tubes :D I picked the brightest pair they had...

they are like wearing slippers.. and I am the QUEEN of picky for runners.
just sayin' ;)


Lynn's Place said...

They look pretty darn good they glo in the dark for night walking?..tfs

Laurie (Wally) said...

Ohhh look at those... I love the colour... I hope you figure out your head ache issues... I feel your pain...

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