Thursday, April 14, 2011


it's finally a beautiful day here, still a bit on the cooler side in the shade but still feels ok sitting outside {where I am right now} with the dog learning to stay on the front porch while the kids play on the driveway {mean, ya kinda} :P
so how's the water consumption going? so far I am holding steady at 4-5 cups a day. I've been consistant on the apple a day too! I haven't been so successful on the healthy choices and limiting the amount of food I want yet - but all in due time :)
Tonight is danceIT - and I really want to get out before class to get some new shoes - my feet aren't loving my shoes anymore.
oh ya! and since when did it become ok? cool? fashionable? to wear track pants? I mean for real. So I'm glad some people have the "I don't really care what people think, but seriously TRACK PANTS??? and even worse PYJAMA pants! REALLY? in public? I recall being in highschool and thinking that people that wore track pants {other than in gym class} were losers! yup, you read it LOO-ZER! and pyjama pants? Here's a clue, do the flippin' WASH!
k my hands are officially freezing cold to the point of typing right involves a crapload of backspace!
not much else worth saying right now - hope you have a good night :)

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