Tuesday, April 12, 2011

part duex

so i told you that i also had more to say...

aside from being tired, I am SO excited to announce I found a kick-ass website that keeps me lazy!!! how cool is that??? I just have to take the time to remember what I've eaten and log in to record it! yay!!! I never remember to write down stuff, but this website makes it *SO* stinkin' easy!! and let's face it I like easy ;) are you dying for the link yet? k - here ya go!

it helps you to keep track of portions, CONSUMING WATER! ~AMANDA!!! {grin} it also calculates how much excercise you do and GET THIS!!! doing laundry burns calories!!!!!
I KNOW!?! right? HELLO??? awesome!?! groceries too!!! oh ya, the site...

did I mention you can keep track of your water consumption? I'm at 4 cups already today! I figured out a great little trick - for me- I HATE cold water, even when we go out for supper I ask for no or little ice - if it's too cold i won't drink it. So, I use the same glass and know where the "magic" line is ;) and when I am done the first glass I refill and leave it readily accessible on the counter that way when I am "bored" and wondering around the kitchen island I will see it and remember to drink! and it will be the perfect room temperature!

right, to the site!!!


now don't go and get all freaky about the calorie thing, just remember to journal your food/drink and excercise and you will eventually start to change your habits on *THINKING* before you consume. ;) trust me! one of the most valuable things my dietician told me was that a habit takes 30 days to create! so I figured it also takes 30 days to break!
anyone a chip chomper? I *HEART* chips!
I'm not afraid to admit it. I crave them...
i decided to simply NOT keep them in the house.
first I started with only having tostito's {you know white corn chips}
and now we're down to none. I use to buy 3 bags of chips, plus the corn chips.
now - I skip that isle {unless it's my MUST have} week! ;)
Today I tried a new snack food they're called Veggie Straws.
they are pretty good. Taste, texture, and not too bad on the nutritional value part too!
Next time you want some chips -look for these instead!
{I got them at W-mart but I know that Costco has them too!}

Let me know what you think!
and we're going to start a new challenge at our house, want to join?
the kids and I are horrible about eating enough fruit - we are going to start eating 1 apple EVERYDAY no matter what,
BUT in addition to that, we're also going to try to ADD a second piece of fruit as well!
wanna join us?
{feel free to comment} or if you'd rather email me! :)


Lynn's Place said...

Those sound interesting hope you enjoy them, WTG with healthy eating

Amanda said...

You rock, girl! Way to go on the healthy eating, keeping track, and drinking water! I don't let Guido do the shopping cause he'll come home with cookies, and s**t... you don't have it, you don't eat it!
I love how you're getting your kids involved... you should have a fruit chart and when you get through so many days, you can eat Apple Crisp for dessert or some other fruity fun dessert! Keep it up!

tina werner said...

i love fruit! the girls and i have smoothies everyday! i bought a smoothy maker at the super store for $20 and it works great! good luck with your healthy eating... it does a body good ;)

Laurie (Wally) said...

Ohhh can I join... I am so wanting to eat healthier... I am going to check out that website... TFS

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