Tuesday, April 12, 2011

how YOU doin'?

time for a mini b!tchfest! -so my house, let's face it, it's not the taj-mahal SURPRISE! i know, i know, you are all flaberghast and I'll give you a minute while that bit of news sets in. ;) {grin}
K, so this morning my bratty little kid is feeling MUCH better than yesterday,
how I can tell you ask?
-she's whiney, annoying me and jumping around the living like I love *so* much. However, surprise, she's not the reason for the b!tchfest this a.m - You may ask is it because I woke up this a.m after danceIT last night unable to move? and you'd be wrong again! ;o) {ok, for the record, I do have some tender muscles but oh, the burn reminds me of the efforts that I'm putting in! and it's going to be TOTALLY worth it!}
So what? what could it possibly be that has me cranky?

If you guessed that it could be THIS DINO-BIRD-BEAST! YOU would be the winner!
Let's face it, I don't ~LOVE~ cleaning. I especially don't love cleaning when the other 3 humans that live here could give a rip less and would happily live in a barn! {not that I'm knocking barns!!} but just sayin'...
So this a.m I got the recycling & trash all out, dusted, cleaned/changed the bird cages and vacuumed the "LDK" {livingroom, diningarea, kitchen} as it's all pretty much one big connected space now. Finally decided to sit down and tweet, facebook, blog, etc. I reheated my coffee {i know GROSS!} but whatever. Logged onto my lifeline - and the DINO-BIRD-BEAST decided to shred the clean paper and proceed to throw it all out onto the floor, dusty bird feathers included.
{sigh} good thing the LDK keeps everything so accessible - yanked the vacuum out and started all over again!
I plan to blog more b/c I have some good stuff to talk about too, but I'm not in the mood right now! :P

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