Friday, April 8, 2011


I am going to try again.
try to be more accountable for my health and well being.
if I don't do who will!?
  • I am going to keep a food journal and I'm going to keep it handy
  • I'm going to drink LOTS more water and keep track of it to make sure!
  • walking the extra mile, ok, I don't know exactly how far I'll get but on the days the kiddo's are in school I'm going to get out and walk after dropping them off.
  • snacks - going to limit to nothing past 8pm and anything after supper is going to be limited
  • more excercise - I'm joining DanceIT! :D I'm super excited to feel and look awesome!

I can't really put this off any longer - with the good weather around the corner, that only means that good LOCAL food will be easier (and possibly cheaper) to find!

anyone want to join me? we can do our own weigh in and measuring - {don't have to share the numbers} just only do it once a week. ;)

come on let's be accountable to our SELVES! :D

we're TOTaLLy worth it!

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:::b r a n d i::: said...

I do my Weight Watchers weigh-ins on Friday morning if you want to ;do yours then too!

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