Wednesday, April 6, 2011

is this for real?

i could be dreaming.
{and if I am, DO NOT wake me up!} ;)
Today my inlaws came to hang out with me... fil has been helping Steve-aroni when he can with the house... {GAH!} mil helped me with organizing and pitching a BUNCHA-JUNK! I had 1 bag already full and we filled a second {even bigger} bag today - as well as a few smaller bags of stuff.
the front entry doesn't look like a death trap anymore {wooot wooooot!!} we also sorted a stack of crap on the {makeshift} island. It makes me feel like I can ACTUALLY relax without guilt! YAY!!
so the short version - i'm going to park my ass on the couch watch Republic of Doyle and probably go to bed! ~even tho' I really want to eat warm homemade cookies til I puke
I seriously need to get more excercise - walking to the school and back 8 times today totally doesn't count.

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Lynn's Place said...

LOL in-laws make great out-laws sounds like it went great...tfs

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