Wednesday, June 8, 2011

it's true!

yup, it's true - I {LOVE} couponing!!!!

today was my best day yet! - I really want to keep track of the money that I have "saved" the problem tho' is that I don't actually come home with money in my pocket. I generally just use it on something else... so let's be on with it. Today, I had a shirt to return that didn't fit ds, while at the same store, I often will have a gander at the grocery section b/c they will often have deals on stuff. Low and behold, I scored!!! :D {dh and I are totally addicted to cream in our coffee - it's one thing we are total snobs about} so it was on sale for $1.97/L I had 4 coupons for $1 off each I paid only .97 cents each!! :D I had another coupon that was to buy 2 bags of Tostito's and get a free jar of salsa - but the deal doesn't stop there, the Tostito's were on sale too!!! $1.99 each so I saved about $2 on chips and then another $3 on the salsa!! :D total savings at that store $9 SCORE!

I ran out of time at the 'actual' grocery store but I did go to a store that does price matching. I, with my flyers in hand, grabbed up a few things that we needed and managed to get Hellman's mayonaise for $1.99 (after a price match and $1 coupon) yay! :) I got a few other price matches too, .95cents/lb vs. $1.27/lb for green peppers, (either way is robbery)

so all in all - happy coupon day! :D

I was SO UBER excited to find this INSANELY AWESOME recipe for slushies!!! :D
**also known as SMUSHIES if you are my diva daughter**
I didn't tell the kids {I wanted to surprise them}
I'm pretty sure that *I* was more excited then they were,
which only proves one thing...
they like the adventure of going to get a slushy, more than the actual treat itself.
I however, am in LOVE!
it was SO good!!!! I want to marry it. ;)
I'm getting my hair done right now by the diva herself...
I LOVE getting my hair done. it makes me feel weak and relaxed..
i should be making supper.
i have the creative itch SO bad right now!
can't wait for my new space to be done and set up!

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:::b r a n d i::: said...

when I used to coupon like mad, I would figure up the amount of money I saved off what i bought and transfer that money to the savings account. That way I was really 'n truly saving it!

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