Sunday, June 19, 2011

kinda annoyed...

"but it's father's day"
on mother's day the kid's chose to go to my in laws for the weekend. that's just how much they give a rat's ass to spend time with me ~ we see each other EVERY DAY! so it wasn't a big deal and I wasn't bothered by the lack of their presence. Steve has forever said that mother/father's day is a "hallmark holiday" and thinks it sounds like a convincing excuse to get out of making a day special. For the past 9 years I have made each and every Father's Day special for Steve. However this year I decided to return the gratitude that I received on Mother's day. Yup! I did it! I slept in, I let him make coffee & breakfast as usual, after all, "just another day" right? :P
He chose to spend the day at our friend's house, they sat around all day drinking beer and doing nothing. {if I had to give credit, he did think that it was wise to walk home rather than drive}
I kept telling myself "it IS father's day" but really? what's the excuse all the other days???
There is SO much to do around this flippin' house it's ridiculous. I'm beyond done with what to say to family and friends that continue to ask if it's done, or how it's coming along... I have used up every bit of witty and humor that I can come up with. It's exhausting.
I don't even have any funny left in me today - hopefully the rage will leave me before I wake up in the morning.. or so help you if you have to cross paths with me! ;)

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Amanda C said...

I slept in too on Sunday! lol DH said but it's father's day, and I said I know, you slept in on Mother's day! lol And really, we went out for breakfast cause I didn't want to cook, and I wanted bacon and eggs! lol Overall, it just might have been better than mother's day!

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