Monday, June 20, 2011


there aren't too many things these days that I feel too clear on. There are things that are obvious, things that are SMACK IN THE FACE obvious, but there are a lot of things that I really just don't 'get'. Like why I have the desire to want to write about stuff that really doesn't matter to a single person on this planet - but I know darn well there are people reading it. {grin}
I hold a LOT back, simply b/c I am too chicken to know what would happen if I didn't. I wish that life came with directions, that were more obvious {and no offence to those that believe that the Bible is our black & white map to life - to me, it's ENTIRELY way more confusing than trying to muddle through life}
Yesterday was NOT a good day... I spent some time home alone cleaning & tidying, I am very ready to unload a crapload of JUNK from this house. It's downright embarassing!
Went to the dr. this a.m for my knee - looks like I'll be spending the summer doing physio.
guess take my daydreaming self off to get groceries {yay} ...eyeroll...

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