Thursday, June 23, 2011

unusual evening of events

i cannot express how much i {LOVE} spontaneity!
it's code for me. ;)
this evening we rushed out the door just before 8pm and headed to W*mart {gawd how i HATE that place!} but we had to return some crap and buy some other crap and it's cheap there.
as we arrived we noticed a commotion of people near the entry standing around a cab -my first reaction was really people? arguing over a cab? we laughed and continued on our way the girl and i went to return crap the boys went to buy more crap... after we were inside there was something sort of "off" feeling {I can't explain it any other way}
manager's and employees were going in and out of the men's room, then the police were involved too... we figured maybe somebody stole stuff...
After we met back up, and were at the checkout I jokingly said to the lady "meeting in the men's room tonight?" she looked stunned and sorta freaked. She informed us that a woman had beaten the crap out of her child IN THE MEN'S ROOM! :(
I felt sick to my stomach. After we went back outside we realized that the people and the cab were the ones that were able to get the license of the woman's vehicle... yes, she and the child got away!
Steve tried to make light of my feelings, by suggesting that perhaps it was blown out of proportion, as we know that there are days that I myself want to hang my darlings by their toenails... but to do it??? and at W*mart??? that's just NUTS! :( I bet that boy ran into the men's room in fear of his mom and hoping she wouldn't follow him in there!
we left.
I felt more love for my own little rugrats - but that passed after a few minutes ;) {grin}
our next stop was suppose to be the mall - but better than the mall was what was in the parking lot of the mall! CAMPING TRAILERS! if we find one, I'll have somewhere sane to go while the house is being renovated! ;) and YES I will lock myself INSIDE.
tomorrow's agenda involves pd day - breakfast with pops, trip to the mall for a new android and hopefully the movies and/or some strawberry pickin' {just for pictures and fun - the real pickin' is on monday!} ;)

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:::b r a n d i::: said...

Oh dear!! THat's terrible. I hope they catch her.

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