Tuesday, June 28, 2011

wall of tired

so I sent in a video snip of our insanity {aka renovations} and we'll see if anything comes of it. Please Bryan Baeumler PLEASE! {deep sigh} this needs to be overwith already... I mentioned to the husband about this insane plea and low and behold he finally found time and urgencey to pick up the tools again! as of 11pm last night D-man's new room has a door hung, and as I type the hammer is pounding away at something to do with said door. All the while our genius Allycat is hovering over daddy acting as a foreman along with a million questions and suggestions (from where I am it's awesome and hella funny!!) ;)
here's a couple of the strawberry jam, we polished off one jar in no time! ;)
(the grape jelly is still cooling off...)
and here's the cookies :)
I'm completely fatigued today. I found myself napping on the couch today on and off for over an hour! o.O I also made a double batch of supper yummy oatmeal-banana-chocolate chip cookies, a batch of grape jelly as well as whipped up sausage & po's for supper. Last night I was able to get 3 batches of jam made. I still have 2 flats of berries to deal with. I just want to get the whole school thing over with... {gah} tomorrow is my last official "me" day and I'm going to enjoy it to the max! possibly enjoying a pedicure ~ if I feel like it.
right now it's barely 8pm and i want to climb into my bed... is that so wrong?


Laurie (Wally) said...

wow...Those cookies look yummy and Grape Jelly is my favourite I would love to learn how to make it..no wonder you are tired

Donna said...

Look at you go! Jelly and cookies...you rock it!

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