Thursday, June 2, 2011

what the???

the weather has changed so drastically over the past week it's crazy! today feels like a 'REAL' spring day... it started out fairly cool this a.m. By the time we went to pick up after school, it was reasonably warm for a spring day. I've felt really tired all day. I've been struggling {again} in the cooking department - argh... I think I'm really looking forward to routine in september.

Tonight I think we'll have chicken... maybe... *yawn*

I had an enjoyable card night last night. after the initial stress of figuring out what my cards were going to be. I REALLY can't wait for this house to be done - so I can have my creative space back! I miss not being able to have my stuff all at my fingertips. I should post a picture of our basement >.< you would be afraid - LITERALLY - VERY afraid!

I got the list yesterday of all the retiring Stampin' Up! products both (click to see) accessories and (click to see) stamps. It seems rather extensive! if there's anything you want I'll be submitting an oder June 20th.
I look forward to my preorder that will also hold the brand spankin' new 2011-2012 catalog in it!!! :D the one thing that I'm MOST excited about is the new "IN-Colours".
In the past they were only "in" for a year, now they are keeping the current "in-colours" for another year as well as introducing 5 more!!!! then next year the currents will be retired and these upcoming will continue for another year as well as another set of new ones etc. cool eh? ;)

As a demonstrator I get insider info and there is going to be changes (imo- for the better) for hostesses!!!
It's crossed my mine (on more than 1 occassion) to vamp up my Stampin' Up! business to be more but until the house reno's are complete - I really just can't do anything here at my house.
The next classes that Donna and I are doing will be held at her workplace if you are interested please let me know! :) the next date is Wednesday June 15th - theme is Vintage cards.

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tina werner said...

hey jen... do people ever bring their kids with them to your card nights or is it just for the ladies?

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