Saturday, July 2, 2011

blah blah blah

why when there are flies in the house, they must fly all around you? they have the ENTIRE house!!! as soon as I got the swatter {poof!} they disappear. darn things...

Yesterday on a whim, we went to see the TiCats play Winnipeg. My friend Donna had 2 extra tickets and since my dad said he'd watch the kiddo's we got to go!
Football is SO much better in person than on tv ;)

Today was a wonderful day! :)

I spent the day swimming with the kids (Jack even fell/jumped in 2-3 times too!), we chatted, we played, I vacuumed, I tidied, I organized... I grocery shopped we had a BBQ chicken & salad.
It was a perfect Saturday :)
don't trust these two!
when they say "we won't splash you" -they don't really mean it! ;)

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