Monday, July 4, 2011

new challenge

I'm going to challenge myself to blog everyday of this summer,
even if it's just what we did or didn't do :)
Today was officially day 1 of summer vacay with the kiddo's. The hubs went back to work and we were on our own. We kicked the day off slow, with cartoon watching, internet surfing, crappy cereal eating, Clue Jr. playing, fruit eating, and laundry doing. We did have a few *must do* things on the list including a trip to the foot clinic to have my orthodics looked at. I wasn't even that embarrassed to tell them i hardly ever wear them! -it's just WAY too darn hot to wear shoes! {grin} while we were there I thought it would be a good idea to have a chiro adjustment too. (shared office space) We were there for over an hour!!! my kids were GOLDEN! I told them over and over how happy I was with them and how proud I was of them -high fives included :) on our way home we stopped off at Fabricland - got what I needed and continued to Walmart... bought more than needed {as usual} and again they were awesome! I was so happy :) Not a whine, not a melt down, nothing - just good.
I waited long enough for the husband to buy a new knob for the bathroom door and finally I decided to just get it, then after thinking for a micro-milli-second about him installing it, figured I could do it and had it done less than 15 minutes and before he got home from work - Dawson is VERY impressed with my knob changing abilities :)
This evening they've been giving me a run for my money it's after 11pm and I can still hear Dawson coughing... he seems to have picked up a sore throat AGAIN! I refuse to call the dr. AGAIN! until at LEAST day 3-4 b/c this is just crazy. He just finished antibiotics for strep less than 10 days ago~ probably needs tonsils removed. (just sayin')
tomorrow's agenda is low key. I need to work on cards, so I'm hoping it's a day of pool, star wars and petshops :) with some company for lunch. ~for the record, we aren't going to consume our company, just enjoy having lunch with her :)

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