Wednesday, July 13, 2011

day 8?

following the 'who gives a flip what day it is' mentality... 8? maybe? whatever!
Today started out rather hairy around these parts - I slept like CRAP last night. No idea what but I think it's b/c I get too hot in the night, wake up from REM sleep to never return. Today 2am do you know what it's like to run the house with an upcoming vacation? on 4 hours sleep? then to have one of the aliens mutate into a giant whiny spoiled brat?
ugh! it was one heck of a morning.
We went to visit grandma. Not just any grandma but MY GRANDMA! the most amazing, patient, loving and sweet woman in my life. I asked her, while we were there, how on earth she managed 11 (yes, that is NOT a typo, I said 11 = ELEVEN!) children. She pointed her finger and said "outside!" puzzled b/c her words are becoming a bit scrambled these days, I asked "outside? what do you mean? she replied in her acadien accent,
"when dey were big enough I trew dem outside, and lock de door!"
well, GLORY BE! I couldn't believe my ears!!!
The mutant fell to the floor in a laughing fit - It was pretty funny
{transporting my thoughts into the future, if my grand kids ever asked me I'd probably reply, "happy pills, wiser's and a lot of blogging!"}
back to reality... so ya, it was pretty awesomesauce to hear my gram tell me this.
Once we got back home, I decided NOT to ask for help, however... I told the kids what needed to be done, and they could choose to help, but there was no tv, no computer and no video game consoles. So their choice :) they weren't too thrilled and I was NOT the BEST MOM EVER...
but it's better they learn the truth right? {grin}
After a round of more complaining and whining they realized I wasn't kidding, and wasn't budging on my decision... so slowly they started to help out.
VERY little but it was a bit less than I had to do ;)
Tomorrow is left for packing... I think I'm going to miss Pearl and Jack!

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