Tuesday, July 12, 2011

hot summer day

I've lost track of what 'day' it is. I know it's Tuesday how's that!? ;)
Today was BUSY! Jack got a haircut - the poor little fella was scared out of his wits :( but he looks so cute now :) and smells SO much better! {except his farts -GAG- they're GROSS!}
Took thing 1 to the dr. Steve is convinced there's something wrong with the poor kid. I keep saying he probably has allergies - low and behold we sat and waited for E.V.E.R! {an hour} then another 1/2 hour with the dr. man alive I was worse than the kids... STIR.CRAZY!
we were even late to pick up the Jackster... so we bought him a nice big stinky... AH HA! bet that's where the farts are stemming from! yuck - maybe that bone will disappear
(I don't think he likes it anyway) ~grin~
Didn't know what to make for supper. Kids had chicken nuggets in the *gasp* OVEN! yes, I did!! I turned the OVEN on and not just any sissy 350 but a whopping 400 degrees! I'm telling you the bananas they are the ones that told me to do it... seriously, they did. They were perfectly over riped for delicious banana bread so I baked up 2 loaves and SO tastey :)
We had bacon wrapped steak on the bbq & baked po's. yum.
Then I did probably the craziest thing I've done so far this summer. I met up with Amanda {who might claim to be my friend, but she's really sent to torture me by Jillian Michael's} We worked out til sweat poured out of pores I didn't know existed! how gross!!!
my LEGS were sweating. EW! EW! EW! :P
my head felt like it was going to pop right straight off!!
pure craziness I tell ya. ;)
so I did what every smart momma would do
came home and jumped right into the pool clothes and all!
yup, i did! ;)
I'm pretty sure my kids thing I'm either INSANE or the coolest mom ever now.
Tomorrow is a bit less crazy - i laundry, house tidy up {oh the kids are gonna *love* me ~eyeroll} visit my grandma, start the packing... joy. joy. joy.
you're jealous aren't ya? ;)

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Liz said...

Have fun! I can't wait to see the pics when you get back.

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