Monday, July 11, 2011

day... ?

so it's day 6 in my world, however it's the 11th of July.
Today thing 2 and I had our bi-annual dentist appt. she rocked it as usual. And even tho' I didn't have any cavities, I do have a super sensitive tooth that wigs me out EVERY TIME. I had to get 3 applications of some really gross stuff that's to help with any possible infection in my gums {bleh!} it's just now starting to hurt less... ugh.
this evening we had card class only 3 people came :( we were expecting 8. Seemed odd...
Donna has her cards posted here on her blog if you want a peek YellowDogGreetings
I'm feeling sleepy tonight. The kids and I had a pretty good day ~ even tho' thing 2 was NOT happy with me today... b/c I wouldn't buy her something {eye roll}
4 more sleeps! :)

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