Monday, July 11, 2011

weekend update with jen

another recap {although I find weekends don't really count, b/c I'm not single parenting} ;)

So Saturday I was rewarded BIG TIME!! :D dh took thing 1 & thing 2 out to the farm with him. But not before making a Saturday morning breakfast ;) My chariot arrived, and Donna and I had a much needed chicks day! First stop scrapbook store, next stop, Michael's craft store, then we went for lunch at Kelsey's. Next a quick stop for some Tim Horton's liquid and frozen gold and we went for mani/pedi's. I don't usually get more than 1 pedi per summer, but I really like the chair, maybe they'd just let me come and sit in the chair. ya think? ;) I've also been wanting to get fake nails for a while now, but with my android smartphone it's hard enough to tap the screen ;)
needless to say I opted out... and went with shellac polish instead and it's AMAZING! there is not a single chip/mark nothing!! Suppose to help with strengthening and growing your nails.

Sunday thing 1 and I got up and took off yard saling with my dad... it was HOT. Tons of sales, didn't find much tho.

So today... dentist appt. and card class this evening.
We're doing Christmas in July.
These are 2 of mine... ;)

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Barbara Godden said...

Super cards Jen, it must have been a fun class.

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