Tuesday, July 5, 2011

mom of the year

Day 2 of summer vacation...
{for the record, blogger decided to be a pain in the rump so I decided to keep it plain}
We had another great day! Started out kinda slow'ish we really like to loaf around in the mornings. We have been working on a puzzle on and off most of the day. We ended up sneaking off for pizza hut lunch buffet for lunch which was SO bad and good. It was fun tho :D We hit up a sally ann store that was right next door and scored a mitt full of books yay! for cheap. We dropped by the scrapbook store and the kids ended up with a handful of little bookmark tassel things for a nickel - Dawson has an idea to make a bunch of bookmarks to sell with the proceeds going to the family of the recently killed policeman Garret Styles. I'm unsure if he will follow through with this but if he does I will keep you all posted. I guess it's a sign that we have the news on a lot at our house - however oddly enough I seem to know nothing about the Casey Anthony trial that is all over facebook {?}
so once we got back home, we were back at the puzzle, and just putting around the house. Not doing a blessed thing I should have been doing. We dressed every single build a bear in clothing - I am sure there are over a dozen in our house. insanity. We were starting to get hot and we weren't really doing much so we closed up the house when it finally reached 27.4 degrees celcius with a lot of humidity and put the a/c on. We decided to go jump in the pool to cool off quicker. It was 24*C and man it felt GOOD!
Daddy-O read a couple books this evening to the kids and they were off to bed a lot later than usual at 9:30 - i just saw Daws resurface about 10pm complaining still that he's not feeling well.
I'm holding off til Thursday to call the dr.
Very good day
Tomorrow i MUST work on cards! ;)

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Sassette said...

I am so very glad that you had a good day! One day I may actually get back to posting something on my blog too!!!! Hope you are enjoying the summer so far!

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