Wednesday, August 10, 2011

*long* trailer park boys did it when I couldn't

let's see how far I get.
**added after - turned out longer than I thought it would** ;)
I don't even know where to begin each day blending into the next lately...
so before school got out, I was feeling the anticipation of what I was going to do with the rugrats all summer, but I knew we had a vacation booked so I was covered for 2 weeks. Upon our return the hubs had to work 4 days off the weekend and then Monday past, then went in for surgery yesterday. He had to have a tear fixed in his shoulder. I am the first to admit, I was NOT cut out to be a nurse. I don't mind helping people, I find pleasure in making people happy and {LOVE} to make people laugh. it's what i do. I certainly don't mind fetching stuff and helping the hubs out right now - but it's KiLLing me that he is lacking his personality :( the only smile I have gotten out of him has been fake and only b/c I BEGGED him to. I know he's in pain... he has even said the SUPER DUPER meds aren't helping much :( however, adding an advil he says did help a bit.
it really sucks when your hero~guy is in this mode.
fast forward ... not the best of sleep obviously. but we can nap.
this morning we were up just before 6am {two days in a row of 6am is inhumane in my world}
I decided it was a gorgeous cool morning to bake! yup, I complain when it's hot and I crank on the oven when it's perfectly cool. Fruit medley bran muffins hot and fresh from the oven...mmm...
hubs was hungry... ordinarily he makes breakfast "weekend breakfast" you know the kind that consists of more than cereal and toast.
So it was up to me {gulp!} not only is he loopy,
he's also the KING of all kings in the indecisive department on a good day ~needless to say I.WAS.DOOMED.
it went like this
me: what do you feel like
hubs: not sure
me: cereal? toast? bacon? eggs? sausage? pancakes? french toast?
hubs: whatever
me: ok, want pancakes?
hubs: cereal is fine
me: really? ok
hubs: well if you want to make pancakes...
me: ok pancakes! want sausage?
hubs: {insert look of confusion} sausage? just sausage? I don't just want sausage..
me: {insert look of!}
did you really think I was just going to make sausage? I mean really? I'll give ya sausage BEN DOVER! :P {I expected at least half a snarly grin - and got NADA} sigh...
hubs: well if you make pancakes I'll eat them
me: DEEP sigh...
I finally drank my second cup of hardly even luke warm coffee, shut my mouth and made the dang ol' pancakes & sausage {did I mention he started telling me how to make the batter while I was already pouring it into the pan?}
while I was flippin' flapjacks, I heard it!
I heard him LAUGH!
I was in shock O.O
while I've been trying and trying even beggin for a smile -
the frickin' TRAILER PARK BOYS made him laugh out loud...
he seems to be resting comfortably right now,
maybe I should grab some shut eye too before he wakes up ;)

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