Tuesday, August 16, 2011

back to reality

i guess the joke was on me...

here I was excited {if not bragging} that I had the BEST EVER summer all lined up and now here I am wondering what the heck?

the kids got out of school the end of June and we scheduled our vacation mid July til the end.
Once we returned hubs had to work for 5 days and then was off for scheduled shoulder repair surgery. today is 7 days post surgery and today he is gone back to work. {his choice}
i mean don't get me wrong, I am EXTREMELY thankful & happy that he is recovering so well and quick! but there is a part of me that is disappointed that he isn't home with us. i was REALLY hoping he would be off for the rest of august. {sigh}
guess he couldn't stand being in the house eh? seems amusing to me, as i have to be here everyday ALL day.long. it's a wreck! it's messy. it's depressing. and if i was him i'd probably want out of here too!
yesterday i went through the monkey's room and removed 1 black trash bag of 'junk' and 1 that is donatable. it was a good feeling but I'm getting sick of cleaning that freakin' room! i want the rest of the house to get organized... only problem is we're living in 2 rooms and I HAVE RUN OUT OF PAITIENCE! there is no where to put stuff away... {very deep, long, sad SIGH}
so how bout some happy?
Monkey #2 can ride her bike!!!!
it's pretty exciting. :D we are very proud of her.
the laundry is under control :)

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