Thursday, August 18, 2011

time for a list

I think it's time for a public service announcement:
{just too bad the people that NEED to hear this or read it don't}
I am making a list. I need to get stuff done b/c apparently the people that live here in this house with me, aren't bothered NEAR as much as I am by the turmoil that we live in. Maybe if I have a publicly posted "LIST" of what's to do, it will encourage me to live up to getting it done! Lists that I have made thus far have just added to the random piles of papers and other junk!
do you make lists? how does it work for you? I like short term gratifying things on my list - like empty the dishwasher for example that way I can feel some sort of accomplishment...
have i mentioned I'm a procrastinator? have I also mentioned that I don't write near the things that are on my mind on my blog anymore? I probably shouldn't even be rambling as much as I have...
want to know another random Jenism? i go to the grocery store to escape being here in our house. I don't exactly like grocery shopping... but it's an acceptable reason to not be here. {and a confession? -might as well spill it... i have on more than one occasion, wanted to sit down while in said grocery store and just not leave}
so that list...
  • empty dishwasher
  • sort and clear off kitchen island
  • vacuum
  • dust
  • sort and declutter front closet
  • remove tote and junk in it from LR
  • reorganize food pantry
  • bring stamping/crafty stuff to basement
  • hide behind couch, er, i mean clear out whatever is hiding behind the couch
  • laundry -bedding
  • declutter bedroom closet of mr.h's 2039485720934572 shirts
  • remove excessive clothing from our room
  • take a load to the re-use store
  • clear the stairs, landing and the bottom of the stairs
  • escape... {sigh}

while 2 VERY able children either watch me, or make more mess.

Today when I asked my 9 year old son to bring the trash & recycle bins back from the roadside, he bluntly replied, "no, I don't want to." I thought to myself, Huh? did he just say that? I wouldn't likely be here to type today had I spoke to my parents that way. I am not even mean. I am rather accommodating - "hey D-man, on the next commercial would you please ...... ? I'd appreciate it" you can imagine how it deflates me to have him be so rude to me. and it's EVERYDAY over and over and over...

stay tuned to see the progress - I might even embarass myself with before and after pics.

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