Thursday, August 18, 2011

proud of myself!

well it looks like making a "public list" really worked! I got a lot accomplished...
I'll just show a couple of the befores... {blush}

I didn't take a pic of the range 'before', I kinda forgot... I am feeling pretty good about getting the kitchen orderly! :D I also got the main floor all vacuumed, tidied the front entry, 2 loads of wash on the go, supper is almost ready and I just feel at peace to sit and crochet this evening knowing that I did more than sit on my lazy depressed ass all day!
thanks for being the umphff I needed!
might try this again sometime.

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Sassette said...

Awesome job Jen! Now that I am home, I so need to do this kind of stuff too!!! And we won't even mention sorting/organizing the scrap room! I am beginning to think I will never scrap again!!!

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