Sunday, August 21, 2011

just a quick note

i am losing my mind!
i swear i am feeling alone in the world of raising a 9+ year old boy.
this kid just ain't right!
if you can relate please, PLEASE leave me a comment - i feel like i'm failing BIG time.
it seems like no matter what i do i just can't get it right.
i give him attention, my time, he's completely spoiled {in my opinion} not so much with 'stuff' but with getting away with walking all over me. Whenever I ask him to do stuff to help out, he simply looks the other way and says no..
WHAT? no?
I decided tv, computer & video time was going to start being earned...
he laughed.
he laughs when I ask him what it's going to take to get him to understand that I'm not joking.
i've come very close to smacking but it doesn't seem like it would do any good
i think it's due to a MAJOR lack of respect.
suggestions GREATLY appreciated.
the boy is 9...
he's only nine.
i'm doomed!
next summer - boot camp!

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Chelle said...

I don't know what to suggest but I am thinking no tv, computer, electronics until respect is given. You can take cords away so that he can't use them.

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