Thursday, August 25, 2011


Last night was about as close as i want to EVER get to being in tornado weather activity!
The kiddo's and I were at a friend's house and had decided that we should venture home {we definitely should have left earlier} or have stayed put!
As we were leaving (it was dark out) you could see the sky lighting up in the distance and it seemed... harmless enough to head home. I had heard there were tornado watches in the area- but then saw they were posted for ALL of southern Ontario - I figured the odds of it being that dynamic wasn't that likely... so on we went.

As we approached our option to take the lesser travelled highway, I chose to take the more travelled {and faster speed limit} highway. The lightening show was absolutely petrifying at moments - and i tried to get pics but then decided to pay better attention to driving instead handing the camera over to the kids - who were trembling and whining in the backseat. Little did we know the worse was ahead of us... we finally reached the ramp that would lead us home and I kicked'er down... 'dropped the hammer'... seemed like the other cars were driving slower than normal but I figured the sooner I could get us home the better off we'd be!

About 10 minutes down the road - I started to see less lightening and a lot more rain :( that really makes the roads hard to see, especially in the dark. With the help of the headlights of the oncoming traffic I could see the trees on both sides blowing like crazy... I tried to keep a radio station on that was local but all I kept getting was music. go figure, MUSIC on the radio ~ a rather odd concept eh? ;)

I was getting pretty nervous as the debris was getting bigger and tree branches started flying at us while we were doing a buck thirty - i slowed a little since the kids were now bawling and freaking out, I started having a panic attack. I wanted to talk to mr. h, he usually has a calming effect on me and he was at home base, unfortunately we were down to 9 mins. on our truck phone so I called onstar to add time and the poor guy - he must have wondered WTH was going on... he kept saying "it's going to be ok mrs. h, i'll get you connected to mr. h and well get you home" we were scared - it must have been obvious! we got disconnected and i decided 'the dude talking to me over the phone was powerless to get us home safely' I prayed. I asked God to take over as the pilot and please just get us home safe and sound, and He did. :) as silly as a non-believer might see it, I felt a calm peace within me. (even tho' the shell still had a hard time catching her breath!) we finally got more mins. added and got to talk to mr. h - in hind sight I should have known the brown bottles would be in competition with us. {deep sigh} it saddened me that I didn't even say anything about it, and D-man brought it up :(

so at the end of the day we all thanked God for getting us home safely, we all ate ketchup chips {even AFTER brushing teeth} and after we settled we all slept peacefully in our own beds safe and sound :)

If you are thankful - let someone know!

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