Tuesday, August 23, 2011

oh glorious sunshine

waking up to the perfect weather, the sun is shining, breeze coming through our open windows and it's only 21.5 celcius in the house - what's not to feel good about?
i'm putting in few minutes of thought while the kids are playing 'bus' in their room
I'm about 97% sure it will end abruptly with one not paying their fare and getting kicked off the bus! or maybe it will be due to the sudden 'no animal' policy... lambs just don't ride busses!
pearl is chatting her head off, I'll see if i can capture on my phone she is such a smarty she shuts right up when she see's the camera {which I NEED TO RETURN to Julie!}
looking forward to busting out of the city today :D
{photo credit W Burris}

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