Monday, August 22, 2011

another goal

it's a bitty one, but still it's making me wonky...
i thought being a crochet pattern tester sounded like a fun idea {and don't get me wrong, it is kinda neat} however - it seems whenever I *THINK* that I have time for such nonsense... it ALWAYS backfires on me, I am going to finish this project so I can move forward!
We made slight progress with the boy... I cut back on tv but he looks to me for entertainment. He also knows that mr. h and i are beside ourselves not knowing what to do. Mr. H and I went to the dr. today he had to have his surgical dressing changed and I just had to renew perscriptions - we also made a family-talk appt. {sans the girl} we really just need to figure out what's what with thing 1.
so I feel pretty confident about today. And the next couple days are planned out so hopefully i won't have to make multiple flavours of jello, milkshakes, and slurpee's....
the weather has been AMAZING!
kiddo's and I went for a walk today it was awesomesauce :)
I have been in an excercise slump lately and this weather just might be the trick to pull me out of it! {i hope}

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