Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan 26

still no biscotti! I'm beginning to wonder if they smelled the package and ate it! :(

I am battling a weather induced headache - it bites...

I went to the second hand shop today - found a pair of brand new oven mitts with long arms

I've been toying with the idea to decorate for {Love} day... not sure if I will but thinking on it anyway. if I do, I'll share pics
I'm having a SCENTSY party this Friday - want anything? I can ship it to you ;)

this is Margot January's warmer of the month...


tina werner said...

can't wait till friday!

sorry about the biscotti jen :(

Liz said...

The headache sounds awful. Hope you're feeling better soon.

{S} said...

I'm going to decorate for Love day!! You should! it's a spirit lifter.

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