Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan 27th

This month is flying by!!! I can't say I'm going to blog as much in Feb. mostly likely not daily.

Throughout the day SO many things happen and I think - 'gotta blog that' and when I finally get the chance I have no memory of what on earth it was that was so "mind blowing"

I made cookies today.... the chocolate chip variety. You'd probably think that chocolate chip cookies are all the same, and for the most part I would tend to agree. However my poor sister can't seem to bake chocolate chip cookies to save her life! ;) {sorry Amie} they are clumps of brick I tell ya... break a tooth on those bad boys! I found a recipe online {found here} that is very similar to what I 'usually' make... melting the butter was nothing new to me :P
If I was a nice sister... I'd take some over to her ;) Too bad I'm not that nice eh? {snort}
~don't be bashing me, i might! :P {might even print out the recipe for her too} would that be adding insult to injury?

Tonight for supper I'm making poached salmon with hollandaise sauce, probably boiled potato's with it. maybe BLT salad? not sure yet.

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Planet Penny said...

Hi, thanks for visiting Planet Penny. I'm about to have a look at that chocolate chip cookie recipe. Haven't even had breakfast yet and I'm fancying one! Penny x

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