Tuesday, February 1, 2011


know what that means?
-duh, it means January is OVER what did ya think it meant? ;)

My sweet little girl just shared my first *love* story for this month of ~love~

A: "mom" {for the record she says MOM about 230489150932875 times a day, er make that per hour} so where was i? oh ya! "MOM"

J: "what?"

A: "um, you know when i go to school and i'm gone all day?"

J: {smiling -LARGE! ;) then snaps back to reality} "yes"

A: "well how about if I kiss your hand before I go, and then when you miss me you can put my kiss on your cheek"

J: {with heart melting and feelings of guilt for being happy 5 seconds earlier} "awww, that would be so sweet! did you think of that?"

A: "no it was in a book"


so this month I'm going to try to share stories that touch me in a happy~love way :D

also be prepared I'm also going to step up my pictures too!
~find something in your day that you *love* even if you LOVE to hate something! ;)

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{S} said...

awwww! that's the sweetest!

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