Thursday, May 19, 2011

alien child

it's not too often i write about my kid being good - probably should do it more often... b/c tooting about them being good really only encourages the growth of my own ego ;) LoL
Anyway - today after school, the weather finally, FINALLY let up a bit the temperature was going to change, my migraine told me so - and after sleeping the afternoon away I woke up feeling a bit d'uh~ but no pain. yay!! We still hadn't emptied the compost and woodchips out of the back of the truck and it's been a WEEK! so I got started and next thing you know D-man was right out there like a dirty shirt (and pants, and hands and shoes) shovelling and helping me :D I figured he would probably only last a few pail fulls but he shocked me and had energy to keep going long after *I* had, had enough. We finished up and left just enough compost for mr. jen to reseed the lawn in the crappy area's that are determined NOT to grow anything more than grubs and weeds.
While we were "gardening" I thanked my boy for being so eager to help me out, b/c I REALLY appreciated it. He said he enjoyed doing this sort of "work"and that he would do it without pay. I was giggling on the inside, b/c I had no intentions on paying him anyway {lol} He told me he'd like to help people do their gardening as a volunteer. I think my eyes nearly popped out of my head! this is the boy who wants $20 to take out the garbage! After that shocker, he asked what was for supper - CRAP! supper! before I could even think of a good answer, he offered to pay for pizza ... ok - who is this alien and where is my son? ;)
As I type there is a whiney cling on yanking on me that does not want to go to bed. {sigh}
kids... aren't they grand?

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Lynn's Place said...

Now that is a great story..give him lots of {{{HUGS}}}

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