Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what a night!

First off, I want to express the sadness our family feels for the loss of our Aunt Shirley. Steve's mom's only sister passed away last night. We are thankful tho' and rest assured that she suffers no longer and is at peace with her creator. RIP aunt Shirley, you will be missed!

I find it difficult to follow up such a somber subject with the fact that last night I had, THE.BEST.NIGHT.EVER.

Séan singing The Reply {the ballad of John & Mary}

Jeremy and Séan singing Simple Song ~encore performance~


so you know EVERYONE has a favourite singer right? well last night I got to sit in the front row, got to meet, chat with, get a hug, get pictures taken with, and autographs too - MY FAVOURITE singer! I was on a cloud - I felt like a the smile on my face was 3 miles wide!

Really? do I have to explain? ;)

Every son of a sailor needs a Sailor hat no? ;)
in the bag, is a personalized washer necklace for his wife - it has their boys names on it.

He said I about made him cry.
I bet he can't wait to get home for a rest!

of course I had to snag a pic with Jeremy too!!
Also picked up his new Flood cd and got it autographed :)

They are playing again tonight & tomorrow in Toronto - but Friday is their last show on this tour, they'll be in London. I'm REALLY hoping to go it was fun, but I think if I was with the girls it could be even MORE fun ;)


Laurie (Wally) said...

Oh Jenn sorry for your loss..
And looks like you had fun...Take care..

Lynn's Place said...

So sorry for the loss
the rest of the pics are really fun ones...tfs

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