Monday, May 16, 2011


i was thinking to myself, i really think a computer of some kind needs to be invented for in the shower. i get flooded with idea's while in the shower, and it's like magic how you shut the water off and they are all forgotten - and they were GOOD idea's too! {sigh} wonder if I just go stand there a while with a pen and paper, water off of course, if they'd come back to me? ;)
so it's monday! kiddo's are at school and altho' i have a gajillion things to do, i find my self wanting to write/type - i really need to get my thoughts together -bet i could write a book. {not that anyone would read it, but it would be their loss} lol
i'm looking forward to tomorrow going with a bestie Donna to see my favorite singer.
I am totally not the 'starstruck' type - at all - I could be standing shoulder to shoulder with some VERY famous people and either A. not even know it, B. could care less, or C. both
-what can i say it's just the way i roll.
IF it's somebody who has impressed me whether it be via art, song, or laughter I totally want to meet them! I hope he has time to have pictures with and autographs. We have front row table 2 and i bet i'll be grinning the entire time ear to ear :D

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