Sunday, May 15, 2011


i don't generally write about being "happy" too often... so prepare yourself!
friday we took off to watch the D-man participate in cross-country. i wasn't too sure about how the day was going to go, I had a lingering headache that I KNEW was only determined to worsen as the weather progressed. thankfully the rain held off and my shoulders were kissed ;)
D placed 3 spots better than last year ~I'm very proud of him :)
saturday the hubster went off in search of the city's 'compost for a twoonie' deal and scored free woodchips to go with it! :D {apparently in the past the city has raised over $40,000 for the food bank} I went to the Women's Show to help out in the DanceIT booth - looks like the fall classes will be full! good stuff! ;) I even got a "headgasm" massage by a firefighter ;) I was incredibly embarassed. {I'm all talk} LOL ~thanks Amanda ;)
I had a slight freak out - thought i lost my cellphone, left it at home... {whew}
so I got home, and there was a txt from Donna to go out for a double date - I figured mr. jen would totally NOT go for this -but he came through!!!! I couldn't believe my EARS! I figured for sure it would be too late... but it wasn't and we went and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!
minus the part where mr. jen {with WAY too much beer in his belly} babbled and babbled!!! and he just doesn't get the hints to Ferme la bouche!!! {sigh} whatever we still had a super great evening! :D
sunday nothin' doin' - it's rainy and crappy out :P
tomorrow I plan to get the house organized {AGAIN!}
so there ya have it - nothing like an impromptu night out with friends to boost the 'happy in my heart' :)

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